Swiss Christmas

Comments made by the photographer

Submitter's name: Duncan Paterson
Title: Swiss Christmas
Gear used: OM-4Ti + 90/2 Macro, tripod with ball-head.
Diaphragm: f11
Shutter speed: Auto; probably 1/60 or 1/30
Film used: Fujichrome Sensia 100. Scanned on a Canon FS4000US and the image was slightly cropped in Photoshop.
Technical information: Centre-weighted metering. The focus was set on the reflected image and the shutter was tripped by the self-timer.
Subject information: This bauble was decorating a Christmas tree outside the Credit Suisse Head Office building in Paradeplatz, the heart of the financial district of Zürich. The reflection shows the beautiful facades of the buildings opposite and the newly renovated tram-stop island in the centre of this famous square.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) This special thing in this picture is that rather than seeing someone's room reflected in the Christmas tree ball, one actually sees a part of the city. I also particularly like those tram powerlines.

Comment left by: Jim McBride (jnmcbr@srv.net) This is a unique image. The bright red nestled in the dark surroundings is a nice effect. The detail in the reflection finishes it dramatically.

Comment left by: Doug Smith (dhsmith@dreamscape.com) Impressive. I like any image where the more you look at it the more facets one sees. It also reminds me of one of the epson ads. With ordinary printers you see an ornament in a tree with our printers you see a city in an ornament

Comment left by: Alan Wayman (no e-mail specified) I would never have thought to make a picture like this - on first glance it appeared too simple and trivial maybe, but it has really grown on me - there's lots in there, and each time I look, a little bit more. I've learned something.

Comment left by: The Photographer (no e-mail specified) Glad you like the photo and thanks for your comments.

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