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Submitter's name: Adam Bolt
Title: Stillness
Gear Used: OM-4, Sigma 28mm f2.8, Tripod, cable release and polarizer
Diaphram: f16
Shutter Speed: Approx 1/45 sec
Film: Kodak E100VS
Tech Info: Spot metered from the sky near the cloud at the top of the image because I thought this would make a good mid tone considering the contrast range in the scene. F16 was used to get good DOF while not creating to slow a shutter speed where the slight wave action might blur the reflections in the water too much.
Subject Info: This image was taken on my way back from a place called the Bay of Fires (A beautiful spot on the N/E coast of Tasmania Australia). I had taken some beautiful sunrise images here and when the light show was over was driving back to St Helens when I came across this lagoon with the water so smooth. It took my eye straight away, and although the sun wasnt in the perfect position it was nicely lighting the side of the jetty. I have altered the image to B&W dodging and burning a few areas to get the look of going to beyond infinity! I hope it has worked.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) Excellent composition and very dramatic colours!

Don't abandon the OM ship just yet (even if it doesn't seem to be docked on the pier above ;) ); we'd miss you too much from TOPE and other Oly related things! :)

Comment left by: Chuck Norcutt (chucknorcutt@comcast.net) I was intrigued by this image. I think because it's a bit hard to tell where the real image and the reflection begin and end.

Comment left by: David (cochran@prtc.net) Very inviting. A very beatiful picture. The sky is amazing.

Comment left by: Walt Wayman (no e-mail specified) Wow! I can't think of anything else to say, so I'll say it again: Wow!

Comment left by: Gary Edwards (no e-mail specified) Simple, strong, beautiful. I would not change a thing. My favorite of this TOPE.

Comment left by: Alasdair Mackintosh (tope@toomanybooks.org) A lovely effect, and a wonderful tonal range, going from almost pure white at the horizon to a rich deep black at the bottom right-hand corner. Excellent.

Comment left by: The Photographer (no e-mail specified) Thanks for everyone's comments... I love this image myself with the way it draws your eye to the horizon and past that... to me, it has a certain feel of "To Infinity and Beyond!"... Hmmm, I think I heard that in a movie once!

Comment left by: Daryl (daryl_francis2003@yahoo.com.au) Just beautiful. Captures that 'stillness of being' feeling for me - 'so far above all mortal strife'. I can almost hear it in this image. Thanks.

Comment left by: Richard Lovison (rlovison@simons-rock.edu) Great composition! I love how the pier takes the eye from a darkened area near the shore to the bright area of sunrise. Beautiful!

Comment left by: Andrew Wendelborn (andrew@cs.adelaide.edu.au) As well as the line to infinity, I like the velvety texture of the water
and the tranquility of an early morning costal scene. Beautiful.

Comment left by: Jim Caldwell (jamesfc@gte.net) Wonderful image and so peaceful. The choice to convert to B&W was a wise move!!

Comment left by: Ralf Loi (no e-mail specified) Even if I'm not a fan of BW, I must say that in this case it works very well. The perspective is perfect. A beautiful image.

Comment left by: Duncan Paterson (no e-mail specified) Stunning! A good choice to convert to grayscale. I think the colours would have distracted the mind too much from the simple form and lovely tonal range.

Comment left by: Chris Barker (ftog at threeshoes.co.uk) Predictable quality, lovely idea ... and I should like to be there!

Comment left by: Charles Sdunek (csdunek@softhome.net) I rather like this one. Simplicity. Thats it.

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