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Submitter's name: Iwert Bernakiewicz
Title: Aldo
Gear used: OM-2n + zuiko 50mmf1.4 + uv filter
Diaphragm: f8
Shutter speed: approx. 1/250
Film used: Ilford HP5
Technical information: Freehand. Light conditions were very tricky, so I used the wet thumb method for diaphragm and shutter speed.
Subject information: This is a little pond in a playground designed in the sixties by a dutch architect, Aldo van Eyck. I like the soft basic forms of squares, axes and circles he uses in his work. The picture was taken in the afternoon with the sun reflecting the surrounding trees in the water of the very shallow pool. The rain fell in the morning and the surrounding sand is still wet and showing the texture of the raindrops. This image was intended by Aldo when he designed the concrete block. He thought of kids looking at their reflections, and playing with the water, or playing with reflections, and I'm still a kid (like all boys:)!

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Walt Wayman (no e-mail specified) Perfect exposure of a really difficult subject. No drama here, but the more I look, the more I like. As we say hereabouts, ya done good!

Comment left by: Duncan Paterson (no e-mail specified) I agree, a lovely exposure. I find myself really being drawn in to the reflections in the water. Peaceful but at the same time compelling. Well done from me!

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