Reflecting on the Past

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Submitter's name: Gregg Iverson
Title: Reflecting on the Past
Gear used: OM-4Ti + 24/2.8
Diaphragm: f16
Shutter speed: auto
Film used: Kodakcolor Portra NC
Technical information: I used the 24mm to get the depth of field and the coverage area I needed. Photo was worked over in PhotoShop to restore the photo to what the actual scene looked like. I had to lighten the foreground and darken the sky and monument in the background to retain the reflections on the black polished stone.
Subject information: My students on a class trip to Washington, DC for the first time. We had recently talked about the wars we have had in the last 100 years or so. I took them to the Vietnam Mermorial to make an impression on them about the people who fight to defend the freedoms of the free world. Yes, we also talked about how wars are not about what they seem to be at times.

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Comments made by others

Comment left by: Olaf Greve (no e-mail specified) A truly fantastic shot, I absolutely love this one! Nice colours as well. This is definitely one of my favourite shots of this TOPE...

Comment left by: Wayne Harridge (no e-mail specified) Very powerful, especially the faces reflected in the stone.

Comment left by: Jim Caldwell (jamesfc@gte.net) As many times as I see shots of the Vietnam Memorial, it still evokes powerful emotions. I like the way the memorial fades off into the blue sky in the upper right. Nice!

Comment left by: Chuck Norcutt (chucknorcutt@comcast.net) Simply a great shot!

Comment left by: Walt Wayman (no e-mail specified) A wonderful shot. I just would like there to be a little extra on the right side to include more of the figures whose reflections are seen in the wall. But that's really nit-picky, I know. Well done!

Comment left by: Alasdair.Mackintosh (tope@toomanybooks.org) I have to confess that I passed over this one when I first looked at the thumbnails. It's one of those images that you need to see full size to appreciate.

There's quite a lot going on here, and I like the way that it's almost two separate pictures.

Comment left by: Chuck Norcutt (chucknorcutt@comcast.net) This is simply great as I noted before. Extending Alasdair's comment... just as there is a dramatic difference between the thumbnail and this image I have to assume that there is another dramatic difference between what we see on the screen here and a large print. Wish I could see it.

Comment left by: Richard Lovison (rlovison@simons-rock.edu) This was a great idea and very well done.

Comment left by: Andrew Wendelborn (andrew@cs.adelaide.edu.au) As noted, the thumbnail does not do it justice. The Vietnam Memorial is
brilliantly conceived, and visiting it is a very moving experience. You
have captured this in several different ways.

Comment left by: bob benson (benson@tbgmail.com) This is a picture that I would not have seen .. great imagination and execution.

Comment left by: Duncan Paterson (no e-mail specified) This is another well visualised and very thought provoking photograph taken under tricky conditions.

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